Smart City & Smart Home

This cluster focus on data collection indoor and outdoor for different parameters and also how to control these data like indoor humidity, temperature and air quality.

Companies in this group are:
Air0, Factotech, Visility, AndersenB2B, Leapcraft, Google Norway, Scatman Ltd, Pegasor Oy, Fluxsense, Visblue.


This cluster focus on heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, air quality monitoring and purification indoor in buildings.

Companies in this group are:
Ecovent, Infuser, Ai0, Pegasor, AAVI Technologies Oy, Tamturbo Oy, Aguasol, Sandbox Oy, LifaAir, Inventilate, Genano, Skaala. Absolicon.

Water & waste treatment

This cluster focus on water and waste treatment for drinking, toilet, bathing, hot water in buildings and communities, waste handling and recycling for different materials.

Companies in this group are :
Kinetico, Sunstone water Group, Aquazone Oy,, BioKube, Aguasol, Eldan Recycling, EnvorProtech, Swatab.

Healthcare Technologies

Health Care Technologies and solutions, like:

  1. Hospital bathroom
  2. Care bathroom
  3. Care living room
  4. Operation room
  5. Rehabilitation facilities
  6. Outpatient room (clinic)

Companies in this group are:
IWI Technologies, Wennewald, Leapcraft, Ergolet, Robox, Trefortelecare, Glocal Health.


Green agriculture technologies

Green agriculture technologies and solutions, like:

  1. Urban farming
  2. Regen Village
  3. Bio economy

Companies in this group are:
Regnvandspecialisten, Natureimpact, Viemose Driboga, FoodNetwork, Refarmed, Consibio, Viemose

Green Building Component

Green Building component.
This cluster focus on buildings components for green buildings.

Companies in this group are:
Wingreen, Peippo Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, Rockwool, Skandek, DME Miljo, Savroc, MARKKUKAURIALA, Vetokatto, Jusatek Systems Oy, Junckers, Ivarsson, Horn Group, Skaala, Confac, Velux, Abeo, Robot At Work, Taklorv, Amovido.

Healthy living products

This cluster focus on healthy living products in green homes that the India middle class can buy directly from a Nordicflexhouse TMALL Shop on Alibaba.

Products we will introduce to the e-commerce platform are within these categories:
Air purification, Water treatment, Smart home, Kitchen, Bathroom, Furniture, Home Accessories and Fashion products.