Brief introduction of the company

Refarmed is a Copenhagen based start-up company, founded by Camilla Enge – a green entrepreneur with the desire to change the way we produce our food. The company develops building integrated horticultural solutions utilizing excess resources from buildings in local food-productions.

Brief introduction of the technology/product

The concept behind our project is called ‘Black to Green’. Buildings with black environmental footprints are transformed into green production units. Inspired by the concept ‘Building Integrated Agriculture’ excess resources from already existing buildings (heat, rainwater, bio-waste etc.) are used to create low impact food productions with great value for the consumers, the environment and our customers.

Refarmed is currently in the process of establishing the first project – a 500m2 greenhouse on a rooftop in the shopping center Field’s in Copenhagen. The project is realized in collaboration with the Danish retail chain Bilka who will eventually sell the product in their store in Field’s shoppingcenter.

The advantages of the technology

Building integrated agriculture creates more energy efficient buildings in combination with low impact food production. The greenhouse will produce high quality fish and vegetables in a closed symbiotic system (aquaponics), which leads to less water and energy use in the production. The food is sold locally which eliminates the need for transport, storage and life-prolonging treatment. Besides the optimization of energy and space used in conventional food production – our concept offers: visible CSR, new product lines, unique storylines and fresh food – by the hour.

Application Field

The concept is primarily aimed at the retail industry (supermarkets, food storages etc.) and shopping centers containing supermarkets – in Denmark and abroad. However the concept is well suited for buildings with a stable emission of excess heat and other wasted resources.