Glocal Health

Brief introduction of the company

Glocal Health AB is a development company with the idea of bringing standardized, cost effective and high quality healthcare to people in emerging markets by exploring the ”GloCal concept”: GLObal cloud based information flow, management and exchange, combined with loCAL mobile and/or flexible hospitals. “flat package” solutions.

Brief introduction of the technology/product
The “GloCal concept” takes advantage of the rapid development of mobile technology/internet, virtual experts, AI, e-learning and quality assurance. Branded local healthcare delivery can be organised and local staff can be educated, trained and equipped with solutions for internet communication and medical technology.

The advantages of the technology
Access to virtual global experts AI-tools and monitoring will guarantee a cost-effectiveness and high medical quality. Continuing e-learning will improve the skills of the local staff. Further development of the concept includes integration of more advanced mobile units both for dedicated specialized healthcare and for preventive care and screening.

Application fields
Healthcare diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and screening. Elderly care.