1. Brief introduction of the company

Viemose DGS is Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer of high-tech cultivation systems and greenhouses. We export our high-quality products to the whole world, always working closely with our customers to create the optimal solution.

Founded in 1947 we bring more than 70 years of world-wide experience directly to you.

2. Brief introduction of the technology/product

Viemose DGS specializes in automated cultivation systems. Our moving gutter systems (MGS) work as both single layer or as vertical farming, bringing the desired level of automation to your greenhouse, optimizing your production of monocultures such as leafy greens. Our benches can be installed as mobile benches or fully automated mobile benches for flower production.

3. The advantages of the technology

The advantages of a Moving Gutter System and vertical farm systems focus on the most important aspects of modern indoor farming:

  • 30% or higher increase of productivity vs. growing on benches by optimizing the spacing between plants.
  • Significant reduction of labor cost due to a high level of automation.
  • A contamination free, controlled growing environment du to fewer people and fewer growing variables in the greenhouse.
  • Significant reduction of water usage due to the exact irrigation technology where the only water used is for the plants growth and no water is wasted.

4. Application field

The Moving Gutter Systems and vertical farm systems are ideal for any monoculture such as leafy greens/herbs, single-cycle flowers or even (medical) cannabis. The MGS systems need to operate in controlled growing environments greenhouses or buildings. Both glass, plastic or PU greenhouses are ideal for MGS, as are closed structures such as steel buildings, vacated factory buildings, containers etc.

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6. Contact

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