SWATAB DIRO®- Filter system

Environmentally Friendly Laundry without the use of chemicals

SWATAB company DIRO® filter system offers you an innovative solution to the laundries without the use of chemicals or additives. DIRO has been proved to remove approximately 7.5 times more E-coli bacteria from your laundry than by using traditional detergents. And most importantly, DIRO fully conforms to the requirements of EU-Eco Label.

With DIRO® system, we are committed to delivering four individual goals:

  • Environment: chemical free, reduced transport, cleaner water;
  • Health: allergy free, reduced exposure to chemical, reduced growth of microorganisms;
  • Energy: shorter drying times, reduced energy consumption in waste water treatment plants, lower washing temperatures;
  • Economy: reduced service cost, reduced costs for maintenance on pipes, can be used with both hold and new washing machines.

With DIRO system, we deliver the most cost-effective choice for your laundry room, your washing machine and other equipment is kept free from lime scale build up, and mould growth.


With DIRO®, general maintenance on your washing machines is reduced. The ultra-clean water which is used during the laundry process can help extend the natural life-time of your washing machines and dryers.

Normal chemical residue which builds up in waste water pipes is decreased. Waste water systems and pipe work require less maintenance. As a result, your laundry operations will experience less downtime, great news for the bottom line.

DIRO® water filter system could be easily installed between the existing water feed and your washing machine. The sleek, Scandinavian designed unit processes the water through several filters so that it emerges ultra-clean and de-ionized. This filtered water is then pumped into your washing machine in the normal way.

DIRO is the future!


Contact: www.swatab.com