Sunstonewater Group

Brief introduction of Sunstone Water Group:

Sunstone Water Group Europe is based in Denmark and operates internationally.
We specialise in two core aspects within water and wastewater treatment: drinking water production and treatment/reuse of industrial process water.

Our standardised solution is the Clean Water Unit (CWU) delivered in a 40-foot patented container. Moreover, we are able to design and transform our components to match specific set-ups and footprint restrictions.
The Clean Water Unit removes, amongst other, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, salts, microplastics and medicinal residues. The end result is high quality water suitable as drinking water.
Also, we offer specialised solutions for the process industry, which results in triple benefits: reduction of water usage, energy savings, and lower wastewater discharge.
Our value-based delivery is based on:

  • Advanced tested technology and know-how combined
  • Fast delivery and turn-key installation
  • Flexible business models and project finance (BOO, BOT)
  • Service pack with possibility for remote monitoring and full service on site.

Brief introduction of the technology

A single unit has a capacity of approximately 500,000 liters/day (500m3/d) and can individually be adapted to specific treatment needs.
For larger capacities multiple units can be operated both in parallel as well as in series. The unit is mobile, remotely monitored and can withstand harsh weather conditions.
We employ various filtration steps including AOP (Advanced Oxidation Processes), based on UV and Ozone. Other components included in our design are UF, GAC, and RO.

The advantages of the technology:

  1. Modular and movable with small foot-print
  2. Non-chemical and non-biological process with quick operational start-up
  3. Robust components ensure longevity
  4. Scalable to meet future needs
  5. Low operational costs

Application Fields

Drinking water: any natural water source requiring treatment including groundwater, lakes, rivers, brackish water or seawater.

Industrial water and wastewater: Raw water, process water reuse/recycling.

Municipal water and wastewater: treatment of water for utilities, removal of micro pollutants such as micro-plastics and pharmaceutical residues from WWTPs.
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