Horn Group Aps

Brief introduction of Horn Group Aps:

Horn-Group Aps. Is a 100% privately owned Danish company specializing in the developing and manufacturing of the Climawin Technology (pat.)for the control of pre-heated air through double construction window systems for providing a good indoor climate in all types of buildings. Beside the technology we produce the Intelligent Ventilation Window in wood and alu. Horn-Group offer to window and profile manufacturers an attractive license on the Climawin thermostatic or electronic valve system including software for energy calculations. The concept is very well documented and has comprehensive references from use in Europe.

Brief introduction of the technology

The intelligent Ventilated Window is a double construction allowing fresh outside air to enter and travel up between the outside and the inside panes and thereby pre-heating the air for comfortable and energy saving ventilation of the building. The Climawin valves (pat.) are based in the top of the window providing the necessary thermostatic control for optimal flow of air. The dimensions are balanced in order to meet the air volume demands and the energy balance for modern building. Besides providing fresh air the Intelligent Ventilated window is tested for filtering particles and for noise absorbtion.

The advantages of the technology:

  1. Provides fresh pre-heated air.
  2. Eliminates need for piping and saves space.
  3. Improves indoor climate.
  4. Modular concept, to customize solutions




Application Field

Housing, Offices, Schools, Institutions.

  • Video Information (see our homepage www.climawin.com)