Nature Impact

Brief introduction of the company

Nature Impact is started by the family Larsen which have been gardeners for generations and produced the plants which are on our green roof and walls. We stand for quality, delivery on time and good service. All production is inhouse.

Brief introduction of the technology/product
Natureimpact have developed a unique green wall with 100% plant guaranty. We are with the customer from the idea, design till delivery and maintenance. The product is beautiful from first day, and with our system the customer will have a green wall all year around. Our system is module based, this gives creative design possibilities when projecting the building. We have made fire test together with DBI with good result.

The advantages of the technology
Our green wall is designed with unique technology so the maintenance is kept on a minimum and we have full control off the waterflow, which are essential on a vertical green wall.

Application Field
Inside and outside buildings, along roads to clean the air and reduce the noise.