1. Brief introduction of the company

Abeo is a precast concrete technology company specialized in precast slabs.

Abeo was founded in 2010 based on a new concrete technology invented at the Technical University of Denmark. Based on this technology, Abeo has developed the Super-Light Concrete Deck (SL-Deck) for construction of multilevel buildings. The deck was first launched on the Danish market in 2014 and has since been used in a wide range of building projects within both the residential, commercial and public sector.

In 2016, the Danish company IBF (one of Denmark’s largest producers of concrete based products) bought a controlling ownership stake of Abeo. Abeo is run as a separate company of the subsidiary ‘Industry Concrete Holding’ encompassing the group’s precast concrete activities.

2. Brief introduction of the technology/product
The SL-Deck combines the strength of reinforced concrete with the low weight of lightweight concrete, which gives a light and very flexible slab that can handle long spans in addition to being cheap to produce, transport and install.

The SL-deck has been developed specifically for the residential market, where it is able to cope with many of the challenges present in apartment projects, e.g. placing drains, installations and electricity, accommodating balconies, higher sounds requirements and more complex building geometries.

3. The advantages of the technology
Concrete slabs can generally be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Prefabricated concrete slabs
  2. In-situ casted slabs
  3. Half slabs like filigree/wide slabs (50% precast and 50% in-situ).

Up until today, a contractor’s choice between these slab systems has typically been a choice between either high flexibility (in-situ and filigree) or fast and cost-efficient installation (precast).

The SL-Deck is a new and cheap slab providing much of the flexibility of in-situ casted structures at the speed, quality, and cost of a 100% precast concrete slab.

Among the benefits of the SL-Deck are:

  • High level of flexibility and possibility of making cast-in solutions (reducing on-site processes)
  • Low weight and cheap transportation
  • Larger spans and up to 3.6-meter width (quicker installation and lower crane costs)
  • High level of sound insulation and fire resistance

4. Application Field

  • Apartment buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Public buildings (schools, etc.)

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