1. Brief introduction of the company
Since 2012 when Savroc was founded, the company has focused on developing trivalent chrome based hard chrome. The technology is called TripleHard®. Savroc’s mission is to replace toxic hexavalent chrome in functional coatings that require high corrosion and wear resistance. The technology is the only trivalent chrome driven and industrially proven alternative to hard chrome.
2. Brief introduction of the technology/product
TripleHard® is based on REACH-compliant chemicals. The TripleHard Additive makes trivalent chrome to become hard enough for functional coatings. The patent pending plating technology exceeds technical performance of toxic hard chrome, but is safe for people and environment.

3. The advantages of the technology

  • high corrosion resistance up to NSS 1000 h/ 9.
  • high wear resistance. Taber index 1.27
  • high hardness: up to 1800 HV

4. Application Field

  • hydraulic cylinders
  • piston rings and tubes
  • engine components
  • automotive break parts
  • shock absorbers
  • ball valves
  • process parts


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