The ISHRAE Cool Conclave

The ISHRAE Cool Conclave: The ISHRAE Cool Conclave is an annual event that brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and stakeholders to discuss and explore innovative solutions for decarbonisation in the built environment. This year’s conclave will focus on going “Beyond Zero,” highlighting the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency in our increasingly urbanized world. […]

Huzhou business visit

The Huzhou government come to Copenhagen 7th of July with the purpose of establishing business collaboration projects together. The business collaboration projects will focus on Eco village and Greenlab in Huzhou together with Danish and Nordic companies. Focus areas are green buildings, water and waste treatment, vertical farming, sustainable food production and smart community solutions. […]

Future food production – innovative food culture

We are excited to announce that we will attend the GUDP Conference in March. The conference will be held in Århus, Denmark, on March 21st. At the conference, Anders Thomsen from NordicFlexHouse Design & Innovation Co. and Diego Prado from Alchemist will present the Biocircular project, including the challenges and future development opportunities. There will also be a Q&A session during […]

BioPod container to India

Nordicflexhouse has developed vertical farming solution called BioPod conbtainer. See homepage: Biopod Container | Nordic Flex House The vertical farming solution produces vegetables, but can also produce fish and insects. We call this solution a Biocircular solution. Nordicflexhouse will introduce the BioPod container solution to India market in a joint venture collaboration with India company. […]