Regnvandspecialisten – Biopod

Brief introduction of the company
RegnvandsSpecialisten is a family owned business relating to reuse of and consciousness of water and specifically rainwater. We have solutions for rainwater harvesting and a range of applications in industry and private homes. We aim to improve the awareness of the value of rainwater in integrated systems

Brief introduction of the technology/product
Rainwater is energetically valuable in the growth of food of any kind. Worms digest and compost household waste into fertilizer and pesticides and they feed fish that fertilize also. All this works with sunshine and greenhouse technology to move us all towards less impact on arable land especially in urban areas.

The advantages of the technology and application
The Biopod is an answer to much of energy and money waste in agriculture, transport and gives more organic food production in private homes or urban farms. The biopod also improves indoor climate and prevent illness. The Biopod is the perfect extension to a house and home or the ambition of urban farming as a business opportunity and a community service.