Huzhou business visit

The Huzhou government come to Copenhagen 7th of July with the purpose of establishing business collaboration projects together. The business collaboration projects will focus on Eco village and Greenlab in Huzhou together with Danish and Nordic companies. Focus areas are green buildings, water and waste treatment, vertical farming, sustainable food production and smart community solutions. […]

Future food production – innovative food culture

We are excited to announce that we will attend the GUDP Conference in March. The conference will be held in Århus, Denmark, on March 21st. At the conference, Anders Thomsen from NordicFlexHouse Design & Innovation Co. and Diego Prado from Alchemist will present the Biocircular project, including the challenges and future development opportunities. There will also be a Q&A session during […]

Mobile healthcare unit to India and joint company establishment.

The Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences in the district Ahmednagar, Maharashtra (India) wants to implement an advanced mobile clinic with CT scanning and ultrasound services for cancer awareness and screening. The most important cancer areas for woman and men are: Woman:Cervical cancer, breest cancer, oral cancer, lung cancer. Men: Lung cancer, prostate cancer, head & […]

Affordable housing in India

The India Ministry of housing (MoHUA), under the Technology Sub-Mission component of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Urban (PMAY-U), has initiated Global Housing Technology Challenge-India (GHTC-India) as a platform to identify and mainstream best globally available proven innovative construction technologies to develop an eco-system to deliver on technological challenges of the housing construction in a holistic manner […]

8 houses produced in factory in Denmark and delivered to Påskallavik project in Oskarshamn in Sweden.

Nordicflexhouse is project manager of Påskallavik project in Oskarshamn, where 8 houses, as a phase 1, will be constructed in 2022. The houses are produced in factory in Denmark and delivered to the construction site for mounting and turn key delivery.     See illustrations of the house and the situation plan of the 8 houses […]