AlgaeNite organic fertilizer

1. Brief introduction of the company

Algaenite is part of Growponics.  Growponics is a world leader in AHGs – Automated Hydroponic Greenhouses. Established in 2010 by a joint team of Israeli and English entrepreneurs, Growponics has established sustainable greenhouses in locations around the world.

2. Brief introduction of the technology/product

Cutting-edge Micro Algae technology for the production of organic nitrogen fertilizer, using nitrogen-fixing Cyanobacteria.
Our automated photo-bioreactors produce bio ammonia from water and air using the sun as an energy source, making better organic fertilizers, while reducing carbon emissions from the polluting production of synthetic ammonia.
(“Ammonia is the biggest ingredient in fertilizer”)

3. The advantages of the technology

Micro Algae technology for the production of organic nitrogen fertilizer with negative carbon emission.
Existing biofertilizers are based on animal manure and contain pathogens and antibiotic components. Moreover, they lower the yield of crops on average by 20%, a significant loss to the farmers.
Sustainability – We tackle the massive climate issues created by the current fertilizer industry, which emits 1.5 billion tons of CO2 annually and uses 3% – 4% of all global gas resources. There is ample research that demonstrates the harm done by the Haber-Bosch process, used to create chemical fertilizer.
By contrast, our technology provides a clean fertilizer, with the highest quality grade, clean of pathogens and antibiotics, which does not reduce the crop yield.

4. Application Field

Vegetable production in greenhouses and vertical farming.

5. Attached document/videos


Enclosed presentation of AlgaeNite.


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Growponics Ltd.

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